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The legendary Troubadour London Logo Shield on display on Old Brompton Road infront of our coffee house pots we've collected since 1954 when we first opened our doors in Earls Court, just down the dtreet from the Brompton Cemetery.

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Calling All Troubadours!

It's no secret that independent music venues all over the country are closing their doors and darkening their stages for good due to rising rents and costs. During the COVID crisis, we faced what seemed to be insurmountable, and ever growing, challenges that small music venues nationwide all faced: in this, we were not alone.

And after all that, and with the support from the Music Venues Trust and through sheer grit and determination, we made it through these trying times.

But we're not quite out of the woods yet! Now, with the energy crisis upon us, independent music venues throughout the country are once again faced with similar challenges and we need your help.

We have made history by being a place where artists of all walks of life can perform and express themselves, and we have hosted some of the greatest rockstars, singer-songwriters, composers and musicians in the world.

Just as we have been patrons of the arts for nearly seven decades, we now call on our dear customers and our community to help where possible and rely on the generosity of our patrons and benefactors who wish to help.

Please consider donating today and help us continue to make history.

How Your Contribution Helps



Our beautiful stretch of Old Brompton Road was built in the 1860's and our building was finished sometime around 1866. Once a greengrocers, before it became one of London'd most famous coffee houses and live music venues, and since its construction, our beautiful and historic building has seen a lot of changes - not so long ago, there were still gas lights on the street.

As the wold evolves and regulations and technology changes, we too must update our beloved building to keep it current expectations of the 21st Century. Proceeds from your donations and contributions will go to helping us preserve the historical building and allow us to continue making musical history for the years to come!


Since first opening our doors in 1954, the Troubadour quickly became a cultural melting-pot and a meeting place for; artists, actors, filmmakers, musicians, singer-songwriters, poets, academics, scholars and free thinkers. And over the years, we've had some of the most influential names in the world of entertainment grace our stage; from Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Charlie Watts, Adele and Ed Sheeran, to name a few, we've been both honoured and privileged to playing our part in helping these artists along their way to the world's stage. Over the years, countless hours of video footage along with thousands of photographs have been taken, and we are on a mission to gather up all of this history to create a documentary for us to share with the world! Proceeds from your donations and contributions will go to helping us collect and curate media, and to find likeminded and passionate enthusiasts, historians and documentarians to help bring the passion project to life.

Read our full story here


We have prided ourselves on being supporters of independent music and a patron of the arts since our inception in 1954. This is something that we are proud to still offer to this day. Every Sunday, Monday, and select Tuesdays, we host free nights of Jazz at the Troubadour with some of London's finest jazz musicians and on select Thursdays, we showcase local and international, independent artists; giving them a platform to share their art. Proceeds from your donations and contributions will go to helping us to continue to afford to put on these free nights of great music and to support our community.

See our Jazz schedule here.

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