London Club & Restaurant, Est. 1954

Now Open for Garden Seating
12 April, 2021

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Garden Closes
10:50 pm nightly


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Support live music and an independent historical grassroot venue  

Through the 50’s and 60’s this was one of the centres of London intellectual and artistic life. It’s where Private Eye was first produced and distributed; where the early Ban the Bomb meetings were held (the precursor to CND); and where the Black Panthers met when they left Paris after the ’68 riots. The Troubadour was the first place where Bob Dylan performed in London. Paul Simon, Martin Carthy, Redd Sullivan, Charlie Watts, Sammy Davis Jr.and Jimi Hendrix have all played here. 

Richard Harris fell in love with his wife Elizabeth here (she was doing the washing up). Ken Russell recruited staff for his first shorts here, and it was here that he became friends with Oliver Reed. Led Zeppelin used to come and jam here after their Earl’s Court gigs. Tom Robinson and Elvis Costello used to play here too. All of these have been verified by people who were present at the time or by photographs and posters.

Our Garden is Opening
12 April

12 April, 2021
Enjoy our garden

Garden closes 10:50pm nightly

Stay safe and support local businesses! In an attempt to preserve our business which was established in 1954.

Our garden is a breath of fresh air and open for business. 



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While we are keeping safe through social distancing keep in touch and watch our live music offering here!

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265 Old Brompton Rd, Earl's Court  London, England SW5 9JA  | Phone 020 7341 6333

Cafe´ Hours: 

Monday - Friday | 11:30 am - 11:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday | 10:00 am - 11:00 pm 

  Reservations strongly advised

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